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Resilience is core to us. We seek to build up resilience in our clients through our customized programs

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THE WAND APPROACH to maximizing the performance of high achievers was presented at the 25th International Congress of Applied Psychology by Wendy Chua. She wrote this paper after researching how her coaching methods were improving the academic, debating and sports performance of her students in Raffles Institution. Since 2002, she has continued to her WAND approach to programs designed for Singapore Armed Forces, Changi Airport Group, GIC and other private and public organizations. She has also mentored her team to be aware of this approach in the way they coach and facilitate. Its effectiveness in coaching has been seen in the improved performance of leaders, students and sportsmen.

This approach emphasizes the importance of:


Asking the W questions- what, what purpose, why, by when, who, what options, so that the participants are the ones thinking and being empowered to take actions.


Actions and Acknowledgement are crucial to build self-esteem and incremental improvements. Each sessions ends with an action plan for the coming weeks.


Being Neutral and Non-judgmental is the way of being that coaches and facilitators must have, so that psychological safety is created with the participants, and the conversations generates insights.


Individual Differences and making a Difference, no two participants are alike and it is important to respect differences and not compare, and throughout the program, coaches are asking themselves, “what difference am I making now?”.
Our Approach
Our Methodology
Team’s Profile
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