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About Us

Resilience is core to us. We seek to build up resilience in our clients through our customized programs

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Understanding that everyone is different, no two companies are similar too. As such, we highly value the diversity of clients who approach and trust us with their specific needs.

There is no two programs that are exactly the same and we do not offer off-the-shelf programs.

Our clients choose us because our team of facilitators and coaches in Wand Inspiration Network comes with diverse experience, training and qualifications and we understand their business intimately and deliver tailor made solutions to their business problems.

Initial Meeting

  • Taking time to connect and understand the requirements and context of each assignment is crucial to us.
  • Ask questions, in a neutral, non-judgmental attitude, with the aim of drawing up the appropriate action plans.

Design Process

  • Thoughtful; carefully analyzing the needs and curating the appropriate contents.
  • Engage and partner with our clients proactively to achieve their desired outcomes

Client’s Engagement

  • To maintain consistency throughout our client’s engagement, our team will meet to review, share and coach one another, as well as to share common tools and approaches in the engagement.

Debrief Session

  • Feedback will be shared and solicited with the view of future support and engagements with higher levels of excellence.
Our Approach
Our Methodology
Team’s Profile
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If you have any questions about any of our programs, please send us a message.
We look forward to hearing from you!