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One of our clients, a large health care solutions provider in the Singapore approached us to help in the development of their managers. The leadership team wanted to see their managers demonstrating core leadership and managerial qualities that will enable their organisation to become more productive and increase their quality of care towards their patients.

One of the leadership team member had positive prior working experience with Wand Inspiration from his previous company and was very satisfied with the impact and outcome that the programs had delivered. Therefore, with his strong recommendations, we were invited to partner with them in developing and designing the program.

We took time to understand the needs of this organisation and designed the program according to their context and objectives. Two-way communications and collaboration took place during the entire partnership process.

As this was a new initiative for the organisation, the initial strategy was to run a one-year pilot phase where they would partner 2 training consultancies, of which Wand Inspiration was selected. After 2 consecutive years, Wand Inspiration stood out and became the preferred partner and won the trust of this organisation. As a result, future programs were awarded to us and this partnership has been going on for the last 5 years since 2014.

We designed the Management Development Program which consists of 5 modules that lasted for over a period of 6 months. Each module has 2-days training which focused on different topics like Self-Awareness, Communications and Presentations skills, Coaching, Leading Teams and Managing People and Performance Management Conversations.

Over a period of the initial 2 years, the program was further refined to suit the needs and context of the organisation and now is the current syllabus of this modular curriculum.

From the feedback received, the program was highly recognised for the experiential nature and action learning methodology, its practical applications, realistic situations (case studies) and the modular design where the skills and content were scaffolded over the 6 months.

With this resounding impact and feedback received from their managers, they are now introducing a similar program for the clinicians so that they too, are equipped with the relevant skill sets to be more effective in their role.

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