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Wendy stepped into the picture as my coach at the point when I was faced with critical career choice at Google in 2015. Some of her key attributes were empathetic and patience. Through her executive coaching, not only I gained self-confidence, but also challenged myself to take the risk and gained the courage to pursue my entrepreneur aspiration.

Apart from asking tough questions, Wendy was also able to work through the challenges which were inhibiting my success or growth. She explored several useful approaches with me over the course of 4 months in 2015. One of the approach I found useful was making the connection with my past. Despite the challenging nature, I managed to discover my personal strengths. Till today, Wendy’s famous words “what do I want to create?” still rings in my ears. I look forward to working with her again the future.

Vivien Koh
Founder & Managing Director, VK Transformation

Wendy transforms lives. She was our coach in a 9-month leadership program which I attended in 2014 / 2015. During the course, she shared many useful tools to develop personal mastery and positive mental models. One tool I found useful was the Vision Poster which helps with goal setting for every new calendar year. I have continued to practice it for two subsequent years, to set targets to stretch myself towards. With her patient coaching, I have also discovered personal strengths and areas which I need to work on.

A great coach needs to be a good listener, be empathetic and approachable. Wendy possesses all these attributes in huge doses!

David Leoy
Vice-President of Investment Firm

I have known Wendy since 2014 when I attended a McKinsey Leadership Program for Business Leaders. She was one of the 3 executive coaches we could choose from and I had picked Wendy as my coach as I thought she displayed all the characteristics of a great coach: an excellent listener who probed and asked the key questions to get yourself to delve deeper into the reflection. During our coaching session
I was fixated on one aspect of my leadership circle 360 report, which I thought could be improved. She got me to focus on the big picture of my strengths instead, rather than strategizing on improving my low score in one area.

Wendy is an excellent coach as she demonstrates great empathy and is highly intelligent. This combination makes it easy for her to relate to a diversity of people and ask the right questions to help coach them to become stronger leaders in their fields.

Pearl Yu
Director, Keystone Cable

Offering practical insights and tools that bring order and clarity in human behavior – my own and my environment – is a great platform to bring about change – which is after all the objective of any coaching intervention.
Wendy is very quick and practical in teaching these tools that help analyzing situations and your own behavior; necessary precursors for change. Her true edge however is to combine this practical approach with deep psychological insights, not shy to dig deep but without the vagueness of a Freudian psycho therapeutical approach.

Her solid academic background and her deep curiosity make her a very intelligent discussion partner; a very accurate mirror that not just talks back, but also stimulates and changes you, while having fun along the way.

Sessions with Wendy provide to business leaders the same as steroids to top-athletes; providing an energy boost, increasing effectiveness and ….terribly addictive!

Bert van der Feltz
East-West Seed ROH

My personal opinion of Michelle is that she is knowledgeable and executes a different way of teaching. She is also fun and approachable. At the same time, she is a good listener who exudes patience whenever my course mates and I share our questions/issues with her. She is willing to help us in whatever problems some of us may be facing whether is it regarding work or personal life. She is definitely a good coach and approachable as well.

Michelle is also well-organized in conducting her lessons. She is able to capture the class attention by bringing up very interesting examples. I find her as a good mentor and coach who is flexible in her teaching methods that allows us to open up and share our thoughts easily.

ME2 Ong Chee Leong
FCTU (Navy)

I am happy with Michelle as my coach. In person, she is open, positive, and professionally approachable. As a result, I am more willing to share and be open about my areas for improvements (conscious or unconscious), which is useful for developments.

I like the way she coaches, as Michelle is neutral, she asks thought provoking questions for me to work out the answers to my questions myself and she is also focused. As a result, I learned the skills to ask / coach myself how to further improve and “get up after I fall down.” I especially like the way she summarises each session, “what are the top 1 or 2 things you have learned the most today?” The answers give me 1-2 practical actions to work on immediately.

Michelle also uses examples to illustrate a concept which are simple, practical and powerful. For example, the family geneogram to understand what drives my behaviors. As a result, I can immediately see the connection, practice and implement what I have learned during the coaching session, rather than just discussions on paper. In short, Michelle is an excellent coach, I have developed so much having her as my coach for the last 1 year.

Queeny Sumitro
Marketing Manager
BHP Billiton

When I first started the (Managers Development) course, I didn’t know what to expect. I entered a roomful of strangers with anticipation and anxiety. I really needn’t have gone through that emotional roller-coaster, because Albert and Michelle had put the entire cohort of 20+ participants at complete ease. We were so comfortable with them, particularly Michelle, that we felt as if they were close friends imparting valuable knowledge and experience with us – the feeling was as if Michelle had put down her guard so that she was as genuine as she can truly be. It couldn’t be better, as we also put our guard down and benefitted from the lessons even more than we had expected.

I was particularly appreciative of their demonstration of their knowledge by willingly accepting impromptu role-plays, especially of difficult and unique situations that participants couldn’t handle. Over a series of 5 lessons stretched over 6 months, Albert and Michelle have become my friends. I found myself looking forward to meeting and learning from them each time we were scheduled to meet!

I would say that I have graduated from the course a much better manager, and more importantly, a better person. Thanks Michelle and Albert, for enriching me with your knowledge and for coming into my life! You guys ROCK!

Yew Woon Yuet
Manager, Office of Strategy Management,

Paul Goh is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever met. I recently attended his course on coaching and facilitation as part of my education as a military officer and found the course to be tremendously useful. It was beneficial not only for my professional life but also my social life. We learnt useful principles such as listening attentively and asking positive questions and also useful tools which we can use to guide conversations which can help us better engage our people. In my social life, I feel that I am also able to employ these techniques to make a difference in the lives of those whom I encounter, especially in my role as a mentor in church.

However, these techniques were only able to be so effectively taught and communicated due to the passion, sincerity and experience of the teacher Paul Goh. Right from the beginning, Paul showed that he was willing to make himself vulnerable to us by sharing very personal stories about himself and how he was grown as a person. This created a very good atmosphere for personal sharing which was one of the things which really made this course successful. Beneath the façade of a strong military leader, he was able to unlock our inner vulnerabilities and to help us confront our problems and inner most realities. His personal stories also served as a tremendous inspiration for me to want to make a difference in the lives of those who do not have a good family background. His story also shows that success can be gained through opportunities and hard work, no matter what your background.

This course would certainly not have been the same without him and I hope that he can continue to conduct this course, especially for the SAF where coaching and facilitation is sorely needed, and make a difference in the lives of all he touches. I write this with all sincerity.

LTA Lionel Yeo
Coaching and Facilitation Course | 12th NJOC

The coaching and facilitation course (12-16 January 2015) conducted by Mr. Albert King was fruitful, significant and well conducted. Within the 5-day duration of the course, I took away many life lessons and values that have definitely moved the course of my life in a more positive direction. The facilitator, Albert, was able to utilize psychology and communication techniques effectively to create a very conducive environment for learning as well as stepping outside of our comfort zones. Unorthodox learning methods such as games and exercises were also induced into the course to facilitate the notions of fun in learning, which allowed me to learn better and more enjoyably.

Aside from cognitive/soft skills, the facilitator also made good use of his value system together with his wealth of experience. His influential nature allowed him to imparted key values into our very beings, bringing positive changes into the daily lives of us students. Sharing of his invaluable experiences in life also gave us important takeaways, not to mention allowing him to be a very effective coach and facilitator. He managed to impart the necessary skills effectively to us, directly and indirectly (teaching and embodiment).

On the whole, the well-structured nature of the course coupled with the competency of the facilitator allowed for a successful conduct. I have taken away many key lessons and values, as a leader and person, and I would definitely recommend this meaningful experience to others.

Unit: 23SA

I was in an intensive Leadership Program in 2015 for three months, during which I had the good fortune of being mentored by Jones directly. I had set myself up to some very stretch goals that meant a lot to me.
Needless to say that came with high emotional turbulence due to the very nature of these goals and what they meant to me. Fulfilling these personal drams and goals meant that I needed perseverance, external guidance and support.

Jones stayed with me through this journey, coached me very sensibly, grounding me, helping me see my vision for myself and remember it, had the sensitivity and intelligence to sense when I needed to be pushed and when I needed to be just understood, and heard to. He showed me valuable insights into my then situation and circumstances and made me aware of my blind spots and what I was failing to see. He also provided me with some practical tools to be efficient.

Jones is an empathizing coach, well-read, contemporary, and sensible. I was lucky to have been coached by him during the period of my life that was important to me, thankful and grateful for it.

Lata Kopalle
Senior Software Engineer, AutoDesk

Jones coached me on Life Success and what great coaching it was. Jones is very detail-oriented and analytical, coaching me on the smaller details that affected how I manage my life, as well as supporting me to see the bigger picture in the long-run.
He is patient, humorous, and also very caring. Because of him, I cleared 50% of my debt in 2 months, an amount I thought was impossible, and achieved greater financial clarity and control. This was something I did not think was possible before I met him.

Thank you Jones!

Adam Harris
Marketing Manager, Innomed Pte Ltd

Ryan, the coaching and facilitation course is an eye opener which brought me back on course with what exactly I want in my life. It not only helps me at work, but the skills, knowledge and techniques I have acquired are highly useful with my family and fiends as well. I am able to set better better feasible goals and aim for anything and everything. In terms of work, home, school, short term or long term, I have been better at communicating with friends, family and colleagues as well.

I was able to apply what I learnt to a friend who has lost the motivation with work. He is now more clear about what he has to do and can’t thank me enough. By applying this constantly, I am constantly learning as well. This has proven to be very fruitful and enriching for me. This course should be for all to attend and company or organisation or families can really thrive from it.


Case Studies