Break to Dawn


This sequel to “Break to Dawn” is a heart-warming account of how the Drummer, the Actor, the Giver, the Payer and the Healer have turned their lives around in just 3 years. Each story tells of how a critical decision to change for the better was made and the experience which each new step brought.

This is a treasure trove of lessons for those on the verge of a life-change. It is a source of inspiration especially for anyone who is grappling with an awesome problem. It gives Hope to those who have the courage to take a new direction in their lives and lays before them the role models who dared to change. There is a wonderful jewel in everyone of us. It, at first we don’t find it, let’s be patient, let’s take courage and TRY AGAIN.

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About Wendy Wand and Break to Dawn

Wendy has been through many setbacks in life and fully appreciates the courage and commitment one needs to have in order to get back up again. Break to Dawn is a way to show that we are continuously challenged in life and continuously faced with opportunities to make new commitments. Wendy interviewed 4 youths and helped them tell their stories of resilience and how they bounced back from their personal setbacks in life.


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