Resilience for Success

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Resilience for Success


It is often said that it is not our successes that define us, but our ability to learn from our mistakes and failures to create a better future for ourselves. How do we do this? The answer lies in our mastery of resilience – a quality that defines the long term trajectory of our lives.

With constant changes and challenges in our work environment and personal lives, we need mental and emotional strength to adapt, solve problems and bounce back. Especially in the face of seemingly relentless demands of others on our time, energy and mental resources.

How can we develop the mental and emotional strength to overcome stress or burn-out? How do we motivate ourselves to create joy and results in our work, life and relationships?

Join us in this interactive and practical workshop if you would like to learn the tools and practices that will build your resilience and support you to create successes at home and at work.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and manage their own stressors, emotions and thinking, and become more positive and energised
  • Leverage on their resources and strengths to meet their own needs and to achieve their goals
  • Practice habits that will build their resilience to bounce back from future setbacks and challenges


  • What drives human behavior and maximises potential?
  • What changes and setbacks do we face and how to bounce back from them?
  • How to manage my emotions and thoughts?
  • What habits will bring personal success?


General application across age groups and work functions

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